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A subreddit for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Cherokee, North Carolina

Going skiing at the casino tn w my mansss. What r yall up to ?

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"I think I've lived long enough to see competitive Counter-Strike as we know it, kill itself." Summary of Richard Lewis' stream (Long)

I want to preface that the contents of this post is for informational purposes. I do not condone or approve of any harassments or witch-hunting or the attacking of anybody.
Richard Lewis recently did a stream talking about the terrible state of CS esports and I thought it was an important stream anyone who cares about the CS community should listen to.
Vod Link here:
I realize it is 3 hours long so I took it upon myself to create a list of interesting points from the stream so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, although I still encourage you to do so if you can.
I know this post is still long but probably easier to digest, especially in parts.
Here is a link to my raw notes if you for some reason want to read through this which includes some omitted stuff. It's in chronological order of things said in the stream and has some time stamps.


CSPPA - Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association

"Who does this union really fucking serve?"

ESIC - Esports Integrity Commission

"They have been put in an impossible position."

Stream Sniping

"They're all at it in the online era, they're all at it, they're all cheating, they're all using exploits, probably that see through smoke bug got used a bunch of times"

Match Fixing

"How many years have we let our scene be fucking pillaged by these greedy cunts?" "We just let it happen."

North America

"Everyone in NA has left we've lost a continents worth of support during this pandemic and Valve haven't said a fucking word."


"TO's have treated CS talent like absolute human garbage for years now."


"Anything that Riot does, is better than Valve's inaction"

Closing Statements

"We've peaked. If we want to sustain and exist, now is the time to figure it out. No esports lasts as long as this, we've already done 8 years. We've already broke the records. We have got to figure out a way to coexist and drive the negative forces out and we need to do it as a collective and we're not doing that."

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Yockey's Jewish friend: Alexander Benjamin Scharf

What's that bro? You're seriously making another Yockey post? Yes, fuck off.
One of the strangest things about Yockey looking through his files, about tied with his bizare popularity amongst women, was his Jewish friend of about a year before his death: Alexander Benjamin Scharf, who was in many ways as enigmatic as Yockey was. The bulk of the following information was gleamed from Kerry Bolton's Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey and from the FBI files*.*
First things first, it's highly likely his name was not Alexander Benjamin Scharf, but infact; Benjamin Junger. Exactly why he changed his name is unclear, possibly maybe because his new name was less obviously Jewish and so he would encounter less anti-Semitism? Either that or he was involved in shady shit and having multiple names would help him avoid pursuers, this seems more likely as Junger had a history of, like Yockey, employing multiple aliases, including: Britt Phillips, David Chappelle and Benjamin Younger. But any guess is as good as mine. Born in Czechoslovakia on December 12 1923, Junger and his family settled in Argentina when he was 9 and later moved with his mother to Paraguay at the age of 15. He later attended Columbia University, which he was later found to have not graduated from, as well as various Jewish theological schools.
Described by his ex as having a "Deep feeling for Orthodox Jewry", Junger was a "Very serious and Very sad" man who was "distant" with people and was very hard to get to know, yet he was "a decent man" despite being "scared as a rabbit", he "would never become friendly with a person unless he was sure he could trust them". Which makes it all the stranger that Yockey, a man widely described as obnoxious, arrogant and irritating, was one of the few able to make a connection with him; although this may have been one of the rare occassions where Yockey felt compelled to bring his charm out but who knows why Yockey took a shine to him in particular.
One part of Junger's person that I find deplorable is that he often presented himself, to the media and others, as a survivor of Auchwitz. However, by all accounts he probably faked his status as a holocaust survivor as he hadn't been in Europe since his family moved to the Americas apart from a brief stint in Paris. As a Jew, I peronally find this absolutely discraceful, but I think he may have had mental problems in any case and seems to have later convinced himself that he indeed was a survivor of the death camps.
Junger and Yockey
While visiting Reno to see his girlfriend, he made some poor decicions, as we all do after a few too many, and was left penniless after gambling away all his money. Luckily for Ben, after meeting Yockey at the same casino and he was given $20 by him to make his way home to Oakland. This occurred about a year before Yockey's arrest.
The exact nature of the relationship between the two is not known. They were not incredibly close, they only saw each other ocassionally, but Yockey was not a man prone to friendships anyway and he liked Ben enough that not only had he loaned him an amount that today is worth $175 in order to get home, but he ignored, or tolerated, his Jewishness. That one of his only friends was Jewish is very confusing to me. Considering their simmilarities; both were paranoid enough to employ aliases, both had a sense of wanderlust and both had families they had fallen out with, I think they probably saw each other as kindred spirits, despite their obvious differences; a faily devout Jew and a rabid anti-Semite. Although it must be noted that, apparently, Yockey liked to wind Junger up by mentioning that he considered himself a "Pagan" whilst quoting from the Old Testament. Junger never told any of his friends about Yockey.
Junger claimed that he was "naive in thinking Yockey was his friend" as he belives Yockey meerly wanted him to set up a business for him to use as a front. I think this is just him trying to distance himself from someone now outed as a Neo-Fascist. This also goes against information provided by Junger in the FBI files, where he refers to Yockey as a "true and faithful friend". I also do not know why Yockey could not have simply chosen someone else, especially someone more reliable, to use as a front. It also seems that Yockey often loaned Junger money.
Junger tapes
I just want to quickly mention that Bolton found out that one Professor Alexander Scharf of Lexington published a VHS tape on his "experiences" in the camps in 1990 named The Holocaust: When God looked down and wept. This person and Yockey's friend Benjamin Junger are likely one and the same. If anyone is interested in pursuing these tapes there are a few known copies that are freely given by libraries, known copies are in in MA, NH, NJ, Oh, IL and TN, so I, as a Brit, unfortunately cannot pursue them myself:
Extra: After reading through the files I found that when Yockey slammed the door on the arresting agent's hand and caused it to bleed he said genuinely "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that."
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[Other] These are the top 73 parks in the United States, ranked based on the quality of their coaster collections, as voted by, well... you! This is as close to objective as a ranking will ever get for this. Don't worry, I have some nerdy data to help explain myself.

This post needs a little clarification. Anyway, many of you are aware of the brilliant Vote Coasters project over at Coaster Bot. If not, take a look:
2699 enthusiasts from across the wrold people ranked every roller coaster they've ever ridden, at an average of 43 coaster credits per voter (116256 total credits). Many of you personally participated in this survey. Their algorithm is extremely clever ( - "The community is only permitted to rank roller coasters they’ve actually ridden. This way each roller coasters position in the final results will be as truthful and accurate as possible. By making it easy for lots of people to contribute their lists, Vote Coasters is able to accumulate a large sample which represents everyone! Once the community has voted, the numbers are crunched. Our method involves directly comparing the rank of two individual roller coasters across all of the submitted lists. As Vote Coasters makes direct comparisons between individual roller coasters, the poll is not a popularity contest. Even obscure roller coasters that few people have had the chance to ride yet can do well!"
I have taken this data and created a point system for coasters that's directly linked to their ranking on Vote Coasters 2020. The #1 ranking, Steel Vengeance, is worth 500 points. [Zadra's second and would be worth 499 points, but it's not in the US] #3, Lightning Rod, gets 498 points. El Toro gets 497 points and so on, all the way down to La Vibora in 499th place, earning only 2 points for its park. Any coaster under the top 500 (such as Corkscrew at Cedar Point) is worth zero points. This weeds out kiddie coasters and terrible coasters from factoring into a park's collection quality. Basically, crappy coasters add zero points to a park's total points, while excellent coasters are worth way more points than mid-tier ones. For coasters with two tracks, such as Gemini or Lightning Racer, I only counted points for the best of the two tracks. My spreadsheet showing the point values for all 256 American coasters in the top 500 is here:
I have added all of the points for the coasters in all of the 73 American amusement parks that house at least one global top 500 roller coaster. I ranked the earned point totals for all 73 parks. (That's how I got to a "Top 73!") For those like me who care exclusively about coasters and collecting quality credits and nothing else, I think this is an EXCELLENT way to prioritize future amusement park trips based on the quality of each park's overall coaster collection. Without further ado, here's what you want to see:

1 (4149 points): Cedar Point - Sandusky, OH

17 coasters

1 - Steel Vengeance (2018, RMC IBox)
8 - Maverick (2007, Intamin Blitz)
28 - Millennium Force (2000, Intamin Giga)
33 - Top Thrill Dragster (2003, Intamin Accelerator)
105 - Raptor (1994, B&M Invert)
113 - Magnum XL-200 (1989, Arrow Hyper)
140 - Gatekeeper (2013, B&M Wing)
173 - Valravn (2016, B&M Dive)
260 - Rougarou (1996, B&M Floorless)
324 - Gemini (1978, Arrow Dueling SCS)
325 - Wicked Twister (2002, Intamin Impulse)
363 - Blue Streak (1964, PTC Woodie)
491 - Iron Dragon (1987, Arrow Suspended)
Unranked: Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Corkscrew, Wilderness Run, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 260.67/500

2 (3704 points): Six Flags Magic Mountain - Valencia, CA

19 coasters

17 - Twisted Colossus (RMC IBox Quasi Mobius)
26 - X2 (2002, Arrow 4th Dimension)
64 - Tatsu (2006, B&M Flyer)
131 - Full Throttle (2013, Premier Rides Sky Rocket III)
203 - Batman The Ride (1994, B&M Invert)
214 - Apocalypse the Ride (2009, GCI Woodie)
216 - Riddler's Revenge (1998, B&M Stand-Up)
219 - Goliath (2000, Giovanola Mega)
289 - West Coast Racers (2020, Premier Rides Quasi Mobius)
312 - Scream! (2003, B&M Floorless)
342 - Superman: Escape from Krypton (1997, Intamin Freefall)
409 - New Revolution (1976, Schwarzkopf Steel)
413 - Ninja (1988, Arrow Suspended)
455 - Viper (1990, Arrow Looper)
Unranked: Canyon Blaster, Gold Rusher, Magic Flyer, Road Runner Express, Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers
Average coaster ranking: 305.79/500

3 (2735 points): Kings Island - Mason, OH

14 coasters

43 - Mystic Timbers (2017, GCI Woodie)
52 - Diamondback (2009, B&M Hyper)
65 - Orion (2020, B&M Giga)
106 - Banshee (2014, B&M Invert)
116 - Beast (1979, KECO Woodie)
275 - Flight of Fear (1996, Premier Rides LIM Dark Ride)
294 - Bat (1993, Arrow Suspended)
383 - Backlot Stunt Coaster (2005, Premier Rides Steel)
440 - Racer (1972, PTC Dueling Woodie)
Unranked: Adventure Express, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, Great Pumpkin Coaster, Invertigo, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 305.29/500

4 (2722 points): Six Flags Great America - Gurnee, IL

15 coasters

56 - Goliath (2014, RMC Topper Woodie)
107 - Maxx Force (2019, S&S Launch)
123 - Raging Bull (1999, B&M Hyper)
179 - Batman The Ride (1992, B&M Invert)
229 - X-Flight (2012, B&M Wing)
243 - Viper (1995, SFGA Cyclone)
268 - Superman - Ultimate Flight (2003, B&M Flyer)
330 - American Eagle (1981, Intamin Dueling Woodie)
375 - Vertical Velocity (2001, Intamin Impulse)
378 - Whizzer (1976, Schwarzkopf Speed Racer)
Unranked: Dark Knight, Demon, Joker, Little Dipper, Sprocket Rockets
Average coaster ranking: 327.07/500

5 (2540 points): Hersheypark - Hershey, PA

14 coasters

14 - Skyrush (2012, Intamin Wing)
60 - Storm Runner (2004, Intamin Accelerator)
85 - Candymonium (2020, B&M Hyper)
134 - Fahrenheit (2008, Intamin Multi-Inversion)
152 - Great Bear (1998, B&M Invert)
200 - Lightning Racer (2000, GCI Dueling Woodie)
402 - Sooperdooperlooper (1977, Schwarzkopf Looping Speedracer)
421 - Comet (1946, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Cocoa Cruiser, Laff Trakk, Sidewinder, Trailblazer, Wild Mouse, Wildcat
Average coaster ranking: 311.53/500

6 (2386 points): Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, NJ

12 coasters

4 - El Toro (2006, Intamin Prefab Woodie)
68 - Nitro (2001, B&M Hyper)
108 - Kingda Ka (2005, Intamin Accelerator)
146 - Bizarro (1999, B&M Floorless)
193 - Batman The Ride (1993, B&M Invert)
259 - Superman - Ultimate Flight (B&M Flyer)
417 - Green Lantern (2011, B&M Stand-Up)
427 - Joker (2016, S&S Free Spin)
Unranked: Dark Knight, Harley Quinn Crazy Train, Runaway Mine Train, Skull Mountain
Average coaster ranking: 301.83/500

7 (2070 points): Six Flags Over Georgia - Austell, GA

10 coasters

59 - Goliath (2006, B&M Hyper)
69 - Twisted Cyclone (2018, RMC IBox)
197 - Batman The Ride (1997, B&M Invert)
199 - Mind Bender (1978, Schwarzkopf Steel)
256 - Superman - Ultimate Flight (2002, B&M Flyer)
313 - Georgia Scorcher (1999, B&M Stand-Up)
360 - Dare Devil Dive (2011, Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter)
485 - Great American Scream Machine (1973, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Blue Hawk, Dahlonega Mine Train, Joker Funhouse Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 312.55/500

8 (2031 points): Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Williamsburg, VA

8 coasters

76 - Alpengeist (1997, B&M Invert)
80 - Apollo's Chariot (1999, B&M Hyper)
112 - Griffon (2007, B&M Dive)
183 - Verbolten (2012, Zierer Launch)
288 - Loch Ness Monster (1978, Arrow Looper)
352 - InvadR (2017, GCI Woodie)
385 - Tempesto (2015, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
Unranked: Grover's Alpine Express
Average coaster ranking: 210.86/500

9 (2013 points): Busch Gardens Tampa - Tampa, FL

9 coasters

44 - Montu (1996, B&M Invert)
90 - Kumba (1993, B&M Sitting)
109 - Cheetah Hunt (2011, Intamin Blitz)
114 - SheiKra (2005, B&M Dive)
317 - Tigris (2019, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
405 - Cobra's Curse (2016, Mack X-Treme Spinning)
415 - Scorpion (1980, Schwarzkopf Silverarrow)
Unranked: Air Grover, Sand Serpent
Average coaster ranking: 277.11/500

10 (1855 points): Dollywood - Pigeon Forge, TN

9 coasters

3 - Lightning Rod (RMC Launched Topper)
119 - Thunderhead (2004, GCI Woodie)
185 - Tennessee Tornado (1999, Arrow Looper)
232 - Wild Eagle (2012, B&M Wing)
279 - Mystery Mine (2007, Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter)
362 - Firechaser Express (2014, Gerstlauer Family Coaster)
472 - Dragonflier (2019, Vekoma SFC)
Unranked: Blazing Fury, Whistle Punk Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 294.67/500

11 (1819 points): Carowinds - Charlotte, NC

14 coasters

5 - Fury 325 (2015, B&M Giga)
84 - Afterburn (1999, B&M Invert)
93 - Copperhead Strike (2019, Mack Launch)
110 - Intimidator (2010, B&M Hyper)
394 - Nighthawk (2004, Vekoma Flying Dutchman)
Unranked: Carolina Cyclone, Carolina Goldrusher, Flying Cobras, Hurler, Kiddy Hawk, Ricochet, Vortex, Wilderness Run, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 370.43/500

12 (1795 points): Six Flags Fiesta Texas - San Antonio, TX

10 coasters

37 - Iron Rattler (2013, RMC IBox)
47 - Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster (2018, RMC Raptor)
137 - Superman Krypton Coaster (2000, B&M Floorless)
250 - Goliath (2008, B&M Invert)
314 - Poltergeist (1999, Premier Rides Launch)
426 - Batman The Ride (2015, S&S Free-Spin)
Unranked: Boomerang, Pandemonium, Road Runner Express, Streamliner Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 321.10/500

13 (1739 points): Knott's Berry Farm - Buena Park, CA

10 coasters

45 - GhostRider (1998, CCI Woodie)
66 - Xcelerator (2002, Intamin Accelerator)
167 - HangTime (2018, Gerstlauer Infinity)
191 - Silver Bullet (2004, B&M Invert)
340 - Montezooma's Revenge (1998, Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop)
458 - Sierra Sidewinder (2007, Mack Spinning)
Unranked: Coast Rider, Jaguar!, Pony Express, Timberline Twister
Average coaster ranking: 326.70/500

14 (1715 points): Kings Dominion (Doswell, VA)

12 coasters

20 - Twisted Timbers (2018, RMC IBox)
21 - Intimidator 305 (2010, Intamin Giga)
153 - Dominator (2008, B&M Floorless)
300 - Flight of Fear (1996, Premier Rides Launch)
416 - Racer 75 (1975, PTC Dueling Woodie)
422 - Backlot Stunt Coaster (2006, Premier Rides Steel)
460 - Grizzly (1982, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Anaconda, Apple Zapple, Avalanche, Great Pumpkin Coaster, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 359.54/500

15 (1710 points): Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX)

13 coasters

70 - New Texas Giant (2011, RMC IBox)
129 - Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (1998, Premier Rides Shuttle Loop)
189 - Shock Wave (1978, Schwarzkopf Looper)
207 - Titan (2001, Giovanola Mega)
251 - Batman The Ride (1999, B&M Invert)
452 - Joker (2017, S&S Free-Spin)
499 - La Vibora (1986, Intamin Swiss Bob)
Unranked: Judge Roy Scream, Mini Mine Train, Pandemonium, Runaway Mine Train, Runaway Mountain, Wile E. Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster
Average coaster ranking: 369.00/500

16 (1666 points): Silver Dollar City - Branson, MO

7 coasters

18 - Outlaw Run (2013, RMC Topper Woodie)
49 - Time Traveler (2018, Mack Xtreme Spinning)
162 - Wildfire (2001, B&M Sitting)
177 - Powder Keg: A Blast in the Wilderness (1999, Premiere Rides/S&S Hybrid)
433 - Thunderation (1993, Arrow Mine Train)
Unranked: Fire in the Hole, Grand Exposition Coaster
Average coaster ranking: 262.71/500

17 (1646 points): Kennywood - West Mifflin, PA

8 coasters

32 - Phantom's Revenge (1991, Arrow/Morgan Hyper)
117 - Steel Curtain (2019, S&S Steel)
261 - Thunderbolt (1924, Andy Vettel/NADC Woodie)
270 - Jack Rabbit (1920, John A. Miller Woodie)
290 - Sky Rocket (2010, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
390 - Racer (1927, John. A Miller Mobius Woodie)
Unranked: Exterminator, Lil' Phantom
Average coaster ranking: 295.00/500

18 (1605 points): Holiday World - Santa Claus, IN

5 coasters

6 - The Voyage (2006, Gravity Group Woodie)
82 - Thunderbird (2015, B&M Launched Wing)
141 - Legend (2000, CCI Woodie)
170 - Raven (1995, CCI Woodie)
Unranked: Howler
Average coaster ranking: 179.80/500

19 (1367 points): Six Flags St. Louis - Eureka, MO

9 coasters

132 - Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast (1998, Premier Rides Shuttle Loop)
156 - American Thunder (2008, GCI Woodie)
211 - Batman The Ride (1995, B&M Invert)
283 - Boss (2000, CCI Woodie)
356 - Screamin' Eagle (1976, PTC Woodie)
Unranked: Boomerang, Ninja, Pandemonium, River King Mine Train
Average coaster ranking: 348.67/500

20 (1358 points): SeaWorld Orlando - Orlando, FL

5 coasters

35 - Mako (2016, B&M Hyper)
102 - Manta (2009, B&M Flyer)
128 - Kraken (2000, B&M Floorless)
381 - Journey to Atlantis (1998, Mack Water Coaster)
Unranked: Super Grover's Box Car Derby
Average coaster ranking: 229.20/500

21 (1205 points): California's Great America - Santa Clara, CA

9 coasters

39 - RailBlazer (2018, RMC Raptor)
72 - Gold Striker (2013, GCI Woodie)
187 - Flight Deck (1993, B&M Invert)
Unranked: Demon, Grizzly, Lucy's Crabbie Cabbies, Patriot, Psycho Mouse, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 366.44/500

22 (1190 points): Kentucky Kingdom - Louisville, KY

6 coasters

19 - Storm Chaser (2016, RMC IBox)
58 - Lightning Run (2014, Chance Rides Hyper GT-X)
355 - Kentucky Flyer (2019, Gravity Group Woodie)
382 - Thunder Run (1990, Dinn Corporation Woodie)
Unranked: Roller Skater, T3
Average coaster ranking: 302.33/500

23 (1166 points): Six Flags New England - Agawam, MA

12 coasters

22 - Wicked Cyclone (2015, RMC IBox)
29 - Superman the Ride (2000, Intamin Hyper)
286 - Batman - The Dark Knight (2002, B&M Floorless)
Unranked: Catwoman's Whip, Flashback, Goliath, Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum, Great Chase, Joker, Pandemonium, Riddler Revenge, Thunderbolt
Average coaster ranking: 403.08/500

24 (1157 points): Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Vallejo, CA

10 coasters

98 - Joker (2016, RMC IBox)
163 - Medusa (2000, B&M Floorless)
304 - Flash: Vertical Velocity (2001, Intamin Impulse)
307 - Superman Ultimate Flight (2012, Premier Rides Sky Rocket)
476 - Batman The Ride (2019, S&S Free-Spin)
Unranked: Boomerang Coast to Coaster, Cobra, Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, Kong, Roadrunner Express
Average coaster ranking: 384.80/500

25 (1060 points): Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom - Allentown, PA

7 coasters

151 - Talon (2001, B&M Invert)
181 - Steel Force (1997, Morgan Hyper)
215 - Hydra the Revenge (2005, B&M Floorless)
397 - Possessed (2008, Intamin Impulse)
Unranked: Thunderhawk, Wild Mouse, Woodstock Express
Average coaster ranking: 349.14/500

26 (957 points): Worlds of Fun (7 coasters, 3 ranked)

27 (902 points): Knoebels (6 coasters, 4 ranked)

28 (855 points): SeaWorld San Antonio (6 coasters, 3 ranked)

29 (827 points): Universal Studios Florida (4 coasters, 3 ranked)

30 (816 points): Islands of Adventure (4 coasters, 2 ranked)

31 (816 points): Six Flags America (9 coasters, 4 ranked)

32 (704 points): Valleyfair! (8 coasters, 3 ranked)

33 (703 points): Mt. Olympus (5 coasters, 3 ranked)

34 (685 points): Silverwood (6 coasters, 3 ranked)

35 (682 points): Lagoon (10 coasters, 3 ranked)

36 (652 points): Disneyland (4 coasters, 3 ranked)

37 (584 points): Lake Compounce (5 coasters, 2 ranked)

38 (564 points): Indiana Beach (5 coasters, 4 ranked)

39 (481 points): Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey (5 coasters, 3 ranked)

40 (455 points): Six Flags Darien Lake (8 coasters, 2 ranked)

41 (430 points): Waldameer (5 coasters, 1 ranked)

42 (398 points): Michigan's Adventure (6 coasters, 1 ranked)

43 (390 points): Kemah Boardwalk (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

44 (389 points): Adventureland Iowa (5 coasters, 2 ranked)

45 (365 points): Alabama Adventure (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

46 (361 points): Magic Kingdom (4 coasters, 3 ranked)

47 (347 points): Disney's Hollywood Studios (2 coasters, 2 ranked)

48 (340 points): Fun Spot America Kissimmee (4 coasters, 1 ranked)

49 (323 points): Disney's Animal Kingdom (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

50 (288 points): Luna Park (6 coasters, 1 ranked)

51 (275 points): Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

52 (273 points): Disney California Adventure Park (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

53 (268 points): Fun Spot America Orlando (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

54 (259 points): ZDT's Amusement Park (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

55 (258 points): SeaWorld San Diego (4 coasters, 2 ranked)

56 (239 points): Playland's Castaway Cove (4 coasters, 1 ranked)

57 (224 points): Beech Bend (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

58 (216 points): Universal Studios Hollywood (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

59 (206 points): Quassy Amusement Park (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

60 (195 points): Sesame Place (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

61 (175 points): Great Escape (6 coasters, 1 ranked)

62 (158 points): Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

63 (156 points): Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

64 (151 points): Bay Beach Amusement Park (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

65 (137 points): Adventuredome (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

66 (127 points): Morey's Piers (7 coasters, 1 ranked)

67 (98 points): Casino Pier (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

68 (97 points): Nickelodeon Universe Minnesota (5 coasters, 1 ranked)

69 (93 points): Frontier City (5 coasters, 1 ranked)

70 (37 points): Adventureland New York (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

71 (17 points): Lakemont Park (3 coasters, 1 ranked)

72 (12 points): Conneaut Lake Park (2 coasters, 1 ranked)

73 (8 points): Belmont Park (1 coaster, 1 ranked)

If any coaster YouTube channel wants to use this data to fuel an idea for a new video (sup Airtime Thrills or Coaster Studios or, you know, COASTER BOT!), please feel free! 100% of the credit goes to Coaster Bot for helping me compile this ranking.
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Evento de gastronomia para o Casino Wynn Bolivar TN em o rio localizado na foice siga ou meu homem simples para sempre depois que o artigo desta manhã para que cada um e veja o mundo total desculpa e muito muito sendo ronaldo

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Evento de gastronomia para o Casino Wynn Bolivar TN em o rio localizado na foice siga ou meu homem simples para sempre depois que o artigo desta manhã para que cada um e veja o mundo total desculpa e muito muito sendo ronaldo


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After 9 hours of attempting Cayo Perico it's time to call it quits: The pros and cons over other heists

Some of this may come off as a rant but here are my pros and cons of the new heist
I've spent 9 hours on one heist and below are some of the things I've learnt and an opinion, 6 hours were spent on setup and the remaining 3 were spent failing on the finale.
The island is beautiful, first and foremost, it is really visually pleasing. It's new and shiny, there is a lot to do, which I found both good and bad.
The most frustration came from simply not being able to complete it despite watching guides on youtube, the best guide I found was this, it takes you through chapter by chapter, other than him saying everything is simple - it's not. It was well put together and easy to follow.
First learning point was on the setups, you really need to do the drainage tunnel, it is by far the easiest way to get to the mansion. At first I was doing the north dock before I looked at any guides and this proved incredibly hard as you have to travel across half the island before you even get to the mansion.
I quickly found that the guide was linear, when I was following it, rarely was anything the same, as soon as once you get caught you may as well quit and start over. Getting out after being caught unless you take your sweet time is very hard, getting shot through the trees and brush is frustrating as hell, given you have almost no visibility even during the day, the enemies just blend in and shoot you through everything. (Also invisible NPC's, NPC's that spawn out of no where and of course getting shot through walls on several occasions). The patrols were also slightly different, some enemies denoted by the skull are not in the same place as the guide, thus getting caught and dying repeatadly.
Cones of vision - I got caught a lot when getting intel, be extra careful or you will add a bunch of time to it, I really feel stealth wasn't thought out at all in GTA as a whole, so why they set a whole heist around it baffles me.
It was fun and entertaining up to a point, but then it became tedius, the random bushes you can't drive through, the trees which just seem to have square collision boxes around and the enemies that have pin point accuracy once the alarm goes off.
I'll give it another go when they release a patch to fix the broken stuff, but until then I don't want to try it anymore, it's just overall frustrating. I'll be heading back to doing casino heists with randoms
The biggest takeaway is that if you get caught, just restart the finale, save yourself a headache, I wish I did this on numerous occasions, but thought I could just stick it out, but once the alarm rings it's just bad news from then on.
For those that have done the heist, I hope you enjoyed it, wasn't my cup of tea to be honest but one size doesn't fit all :)
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Are there any Casinos in TN at all?

I have heard people say there are some in East TN out by Knoxville. I am heading there tomorrow and would like to gamble a bit if I can. I have looked over the internet but can't find a reliable source. Hoping someone here could give me some info!
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Top 100 UHC Intros V6 - The Voting

Top 100 UHC Intros - The Voting

The Shortlist
As I mentioned on the submissions post, this year we have sorted through and refined the list of intros available for the community to vote on. Last years competition saw over 400 nominations which we feel detered people from voting as going through them all was too big of a project, so this year we have a much more manageable list of 245 intros for you to vote on. Information about how we chose the shortlist can be found in the comments below. I want to thank Brodator, Chainge & SidGarcia for the amazing work they’ve done helping me narrow down the list down to the intros below.
Points system
This will be the exact same values as the previous couple of years, as follows:

10th 5 points

9th 6 points

8th 7 points

7th 8 points

6th 9 points

5th 10 points

4th 12 points

3rd 14 points

2nd 17 points

1st 20 points

How to vote!
  1. Open the Google Survey and enter your reddit username for validation purposes. (If I see a reddit name I don't recognize, I can look at the account to see if someone made it just to enter more votes.)
  2. If you don't have a reddit account, Enter your IGN. You get your 1 vote, using multiple Reddit alts will result in immediate vote deletion.
  3. Next, you can vote. There will be 3 separate technical "top 10" lists you can fill out. Only filling out one list is required, but I encourage you do all of them!
  4. Your answers must begin with the THREE DIGIT CODE for that intro, not the intro name. You can give the name also but it isn't mandatory and must come second. Your answers themselves must be formatted as either of the following: 001 - Abstraction S3 or simply 001. Unacceptable responses: "Abstraction S3", or even "1". Incorrect formatting will result in that entire list being disqualified.
  5. Submit your response and wait to see how your favourites performed in the upcoming Top 100 video!


Deadline to vote is Wednesday 2nd December @23:59 UTC giving you roughly 2 weeks to vote!

List of Intros

Here you can find a playlist with every intro on this list if you want to watch them all first! I am pretty certain the numbers correlate to the number for the intro but please vote based off the numbers on this post incase there are any errors.
001 - Season 3
002 - Season 4
003 - Season 5
004 - Season 6
005 - Season 7
006 - Season 8
007 - Season 10
008 - Season 11
009 - Season 13
010 - Season 9
011 - Season 1
012 - Season 8
013 - Season 10
014 - Season 12
015 - Season 13
All Stars
016 - Season 3
017 - Season 4
018 - Season 5
019 - Season 3
020 - Season 4
021 - Season 1
022 - Season 13
023 - Season 15
024 - Season 19
Animated to Life
025 - Season 6
026 - Season 7
027 - Season 10
Around the World
028 - Season 1
029 - Season 3
030 - Season 2
031 - Season 4
Aureus Pupillam
032 - Season 10
033 - Season 8
Back in Time
034 - Season 3
035 - Season 4
036 - Season 5
037 - Season 6
038 - Season 7
039 - Season 30
040 - Season 33
Block Chaos
041 - Season 11
042 - Season 2
043 - Season 4
044 - Season 5
045 - Season 5
046 - Season 1
047 - Season 2
250 - Season 3 (Numbers out of order as it was a late entry)
048 - Season 11
049 - Season 5 Alternate
050 - Season 8
051 - Season 9
052 - Season 10
053 - Season 8
054 - Season 1
055 - Season 3
056 - Season 5
057 - Redux
058 - Refraction
059 - Season 1
060 - Season 2
061 - Season 6
062 - Season 8
247 - Season 9 (Numbering is different due to inclusion after the initial numbers list was made)
Clash of the Underdogs
063 - Season 1
064 - Season 2
065 - Season 1
066 - Season 2
067 - Season 7
068 - Season 1
069 - Season 3
070 - Season 2
071 - Season 4
072 - Season 5
073 - Season 4
074 - Season 6
075 - Season 7
076 - Season 2
077 - Season 4
078 - Season 5
079 - Season 3
080 - Season 9
081 - Season 4
082 - Season 4
083 - Season 9
084 - Season 1
085 - Season 10
086 - Season 11
087 - Season 2
088 - Season 5
089 - Season 6
090 - Season 8
091 - Season 2
092 - Season 2
093 - Season 2
Dire Straits
094 - Season 1
Draft Crafters
095 - Season 7
End of the World
096 - Season 1
097 - Season 1
098 - Season 6
099 - Season 4
100 - Season 9
101 - Season 11
102 - Season 14
248 - Season 16 (Numbering is different as it was accidentally missed from the shortlist)
103 - Season 19
104 - Season 20
105 - Season 6
106 - Season 11
107 - Season 3
108 - Season 5
109 - Season 6
110 - Season 7
111 - Season 8
112 - Season 4
Flip the Script
113 - Season 1
Flip the Switch
114 - Season 1
115 - Season 4
116 - Season 6
117 - Season 11
118 - Season 6
119 - Season 5
120 - Season 7
Golden Globe
121 - Season 3
122 - Season 1
Harmony Hollow
123 - Season 1
Heroes in Battle
124 - Season 13
Hilt & Quiver
125 - Season 9
126 - Season 2
127 - Season 4
251 - Season 1 (Numbers out of order due to being a late entry)
128 - Season 1
129 - Season 3
130 - Season 5
131 - Season 9
132 - Season 16
133 - Season 17
134 - Season 1
135 - Season 6
136 - Season 5
137 - Season 7
Miners Up Above
138 - Season 1
139 - Season 6
140 - Season 1
245 - Season 1 (Numbering is different due to inclusion after the initial numbers list was made)
141 - Season 3
142 - Season 4
143 - Season 1
144 - Season 2
145 - Season 2
New Dawn
146 - Season 11 (SidGarcia)
246 - Season 12 (SidGarcia (Numbering is different due to inclusion after the initial numbers list was made)
147 - Season 13
148 - Season 14
New Dawn VS International RR Clash
149 - Season 1
150 - Season 1
151 - Season 2
152 - Season 5
153 - Season 6
154 - Season 7 (ShutUpBrick)
On the Fly
155 - Season 2
156 - Season 3
Out of Orbit
157 - Season 4
158 - Season 5
159 - Season 7
160 - The Final Mission
Over the Top
161 - Season 8
162 - Season 1
163 - Season 2
164 - Season 3
165 - Season 4
Party of One
166 - Season 2
167 - Season 3
168 - Season 10
169 - Season 11
170 - Season 12
171 - Season 3
172 - Season 7
173 - Season 9
174 - Season 10
175 - Season 11
176 - Season 13
177 - Season 14
178 - Season 15
179 - Season 16
180 - Season 5
181 - Season 6
182 - Season 7
183 - Season 10
184 - Season 2
185 - Season 2
186 - Season 3
187 - Season 1
188 - Season 4
189 - Season 2
190 - Season 2
191 - Season 4
Rising Stars
192 - Season 3
Risk and Reward
193 - Season 12
194 - Season 7
195 - Season 8
196 - Season 9
197 - Season 5
198 - Season 6
199 - Season 7
200 - Season 1
201 - Season 6
202 - Season 10
249 - Season 9 (Numbering out of order due to late entry)
203 - Season 3
204 - Season 4
205 - Season 5
206 - Season 6
207 - Season 1
208 - Season 2
209 - Season 4
210 - Season 2
Tell the Tale
211 - Season 1
212 - Season 3 Original
The Divine Comedy
213 - Season 1
214 - Season 3
215 - Season 4
The Great Frontier
216 - Season 6
217 - Season 7A
218 - Season 9
To The End
219 - Season 9
220 - Season 12
221 - Season 14
222 - Season 17
223 - Season 19
224 - Season 20
225 - Season 21
226 - Season 2
227 - Season 7
228 - Season 4
229 - Season 5
230 - Season 7
When Miners Cry
231 - Season 13
232 - Season 16
233 - Season 17
234 - Season 20
235 - Season 24
236 - Season 25
237 - Season 26
238 - Season 27
239 - Season 7
World Cup
240 - 2018
241 - 2019
242 - 2020
243 - Season 1
244 - Season 3

Happy voting!

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Casino Party Chattanooga TN

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1 million Californians filed for unemployment

According to this source. While this only accounts for the state of California, I thought Wall Street estimated around 2.25 million unemployed nationwide? I wonder what the real numbers are for the other states. Please post your state’s numbers and source if you can find them so we can add them up before the official nationwide numbers come out.
EDIT: I’ll start adding up the numbers by state if you can provide a source. Wow, so far, this is pretty sad :(
EDIT: All of these sources are saying these are claims from the past week or two. This quarantine is going to last for the foreseeable future so expect more claims throughout April...
TOTAL: ~ ???
AL ~ 17k source
AK ~ ??
AZ ~ 30k source
AR ~ 10k source
CA - 1 million
CO ~ 180k filing attempts in a single week
CT ~ 100k source
DE ~ ??
FL ~ 70k to 224k source source #2
GA ~ ??
HI ~ 40k source
IA ~ ??
ID ~ ??
IL ~ 64k just last week alone
IN ~ 54k source
KS ~ 28k just last week alone
KY ~ ??
LA ~ 70k source (just from last week!)
ME ~ 5k in just 3 days this week!
MD ~ ??
MA ~ 20k filed just on monday alone!
MI ~ 109k source (just last week alone)
MN ~ 150k source
MS ~ ??
MO ~ ??
MT ~ ??
NE ~ ??
NV ~ 206k just from casinos alone!
NH ~ 44k source
NJ ~ ??
NM ~ ??
NY ~ 1.7 million source (these are calls and are not confirmed)
NC ~ 166k source
ND ~ ??
OH ~ 139k source
OK ~ 18k source
OR ~ ??
PA ~ 540k source
RI ~ 62k source
SC ~ ??
SD ~ ??
TN ~ ??
TX ~ 281k source (I can update when I get a new source)
UT ~ ??
VT ~ ??
VA ~ 40k just last week!
WA ~ ??
WV ~ 28k source
WI ~ 101k source
WY ~ ??
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Online Casino

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DKNG - Fundamental DD Part II - DKNG

Not Financial Advice (NFA)
Warning: Wall of Text. If you hate reading just skim through the bolded/italicized
Ever since I publicized my findings on DKNG, the stock has underperformed & probably has fucked a lot of people here, especially given the overly bullish stance back in June. Unless you took my advice & got into Puts then, congrats, welcome to tendie town. For the ADHD retards, here’s what the next wall of text is going to summarize: I believe at the current price of ~$30, the stock is oversold.
A tech-focused, high-growth Company that has made sports betting easy to understand with an aesthetically pleasing interface similar to how Robinhood has neatly laid out stock market gimmicks so even high-schoolers can make sense of it I believe, is underpriced at these levels.
Let’s get into some details as to why the stock has underperformed:
First off, the news slate revolving sports with the rumored delay/cancellation of the MLB season & the NFL watching from the sidelines is in my view, just a part of why the stock has underperformed. We’ll revisit this later in this post, but I want to focus on the drivers of the stock’s recent underperformance, & why these factors are now in the rearview mirror.
Part I – The Past Has Passed – SPAC-related Equity Dilution
History lesson first: DKNG went public via a SPAC merger, which has exploded in popularity recently. Anyone serious about analyzing stocks going forward needs to do their homework on this, Google is your friend.
A feature of most SPAC merger to public listings that creates a headwind to near-term share prices are embedded equity dilution events, usually in the form of earn-outs (stock bonuses to execs, the SPAC sponsor) & conversion of Warrants.
On 5/24, the earn-outs were triggered, adding 6m shares to the share count.
On 6/26, 16.3m warrants converted to DKNG, netting them ~$188m of cash.
Stepping back a little, in addition to the above, on 6/18 DKNG launched a follow-on equity offering of 16M shares @ $40/Share [1], receiving $621M in proceeds.
The last part is tricky to understand from a dilution perspective. To simplify, historically it’s almost a coin toss whether a Company’s shares outperform on the onset of an equity offering. While issuing shares does dilute the existing shareholder base, it theoretically shouldn’t, if the proceeds from the offering are earmarked for investments/projects that yield outsized returns. This is the reality for the long term, theory for the short-term. For the short-term, the ‘reality’ isn’t that the proceeds will be used for investments/projects that yield outsized returns, it is more about how convincing management is to investors that the investments they intend to pursue with the proceeds will outweigh the dilutive effects of issuing incremental shares. That’s a mouthful, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to convey.
All of this stuff put together – the Company has increased its share count by ~39M, but now has a whopping ~$1.4Bn of cash [2]. More on this in the next section.
Part II – MLB News Should Not Fucking Matter & DKNG Is Positioned As the Leading Online/Mobile Sports Platform
DKNG should not be so tied to MLB news or any of this shit as the ongoing success of the NBA/NHL season + Soccer in Europe has effectively created a blueprint on how to regulate player behavior so that they maintain professionalism amidst the pandemic. I’m going out on a whim here, but I truly think the MLB threatening a cancellation of the season is pure posturing to get these fuckers to behave appropriately. Maybe a ‘bubble’ is what it takes to get these players to focus on their jobs instead of going out & contracting COVID, but I argue that isn’t necessarily required given Soccer in Europe. So there’s already a proven path here without the need for a bubble in Soccer, so MLB/NFL should be fine, and execs need to study how they got it done in Europe. Okay, back to some facts.
Anecdotally, I’ve kept in touch with a handful of sports bookies from California to New York & even internationally about what they’re seeing – all of them say that since the NBA season started on 7/30 & since Soccer (especially the Premier League) resumed in June, along with other leagues like La Liga & Serie A, they’ve seen massive increases in betting.
These numbers are also showing up in the official data [3]:
REMEMBER: This is for June only! No NBA, No NHL, No MLB, just Soccer, Golf, NASCAR & UFC.
The data clearly shows that there was a ton of pent-up sports betting demand, which leads one Wall St. analyst to think that betting on the NBA/NHL could ABSORB the MLB’s sports betting handle (handle = total $ size of sports bet) [5]. Remember, the MLB season is still ongoing, with games being played. The entire focus is on the Miami Marlins & St. Louis Cardinals. Fucking retards.
Additionally, I want to remind everyone that is the #1 Fantasy sports website in the U.S. [6]. Also, since April 2020 site visitations are up +86% [7] & Google Search Trends for “Draft Kings” is up ~3x compared to PRE-COVID levels [8]. What does this mean? They are piquing more people’s curiosity than prior to COVID/ongoing slate of sports.
This is important because remember that ~$1.4Bn chest full of cash I mentioned DKNG had assembled earlier? Well, that money is being put to work & results are already coming in, which is exactly what DKNG intended to do with it.
Part III – Legalization of Sports Betting in the U.S.
I could write a fucking bible on this topic alone, but for now we’ll stick to some basics. Due to COVID, it’s easy to understand that each State’s financial situation is clearly in shit. Because of this, you better believe that these guys are going to start taking a hard look at how they can extract additional tax revenues, & what’s one of the easiest ways to do this? Legalization & taxation of gambling.
The big players: CA, TX, FL & NY. First, CA pushing its legislation out to 2023 was fucked up, but here’s a twist I want to add to this: Anything that has to do with gambling in CA you better believe is lobbied against by not just the Tribal casino owners in CA, but by the deep pockets of Las Vegas money. Similar thing can be said for FL, but let’s take a look at some actions by LV/nationwide gambling companies that are starting to align financial incentives with guys like DKNG.
So it’s safe to say going forward, nationwide legalization of sports betting will reap rewards for everyone involved, & no longer be something LV money is completely focused on safeguarding.
Let’s also not forget that DKNG didn’t become the Company they are today because of their fancy app, but because their management team has a HISTORY of navigating the U.S.’s legal framework to get what they want out of it.
These guys are at the cutting edge of creating legal frameworks to successfully launch their products & now with more of their ‘competitors’ financially aligned with them, combined with financial deterioration of State budgets, we should see an overweighting of good news vs. bad on the legal front.
Final Part – Share Price Targets
Under-fucking priced at anything below $42.50
Near-term catalysts:
8/14: DKNG files 2Q’20 results, might be shitty, but you can bet that the Earnings Call is going to contain rhetoric on how massive the uptick in sports betting has been since late June/July.
Sometime from now until November: NY releases ‘study’ by Spectrum Gaming on online/mobile sports betting.
8/20 – 9/7: PGA Championship for FedEx Cup Title
9/5 – KY Derby
9/10: NFL KickOff Game
9/17: PGA U.S. Open Start Date
Month of October: NBA/NHL Playoffs
10/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in TN
11/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in VA
[2] Wall St. Research – DKNG on 6/29/20
[4]; Note: Nevada did not break out April/May figures but from the Revenue difference of 3 month ended June 30 of 4,950 vs. month of June of 2,297 for a total difference of 2,653 spread evenly over April/May for a base case April estimate of 1,327.
[5] Wall St. Research - 7/27/20
[8] Feb 23-29, 2020 vs. Current Aug 2 – Aug 8, 2020
submitted by IAMB4TMAN to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

Casino Season 3 | Episode 2

Hello everyone and welcome to Casino Season 3!
Casino is a recorded round organized by flameorb, tagggz, and Spacepod in which each season's gamemodes are based on a different way to take different risks and gambles!
This Season is going to be Rigged Teams of 3's along with :
Fast Smelting : Furnaces go really fast its awesome Slots : A custom gamemode where typing /slots will open a GUI in which you can play at different slot machines! These have custom loot tables in which you can get a major jackpot for gambling your diamonds or get an item not worth the cost. (A bit of a gamble one might say.)
Tier 3 Slot Machine cost 1 Diamond, Tier 2 Slot Machine cost 3 Diamonds, Tier 1 Slot Machine cost 5 Diamonds.
As well, killing a player will allow you one free use of a Slot Machine in Episodes 1-2 players drop a Tier 3 Slot Voucher on death in Episodes 3, 4, & 5 players drop a Tier 2 Slot Voucher on death in Episodes 6-7 players drop a Tier 1 Slot Voucher on death
Now let's get into da funny Players
The newcomers this season are : Awticon, Pie, AJSteel, bjr, kieranborn, LegoBeast, Lake, max50, Lefo, and Chloe!
People with highlighted episodes will have highlighted next to their name
Teams Episode Links
The Laughing Bunch
Awticon Episode 2
Pie Episode 2
Jar Episode 2
me before kfc
Flouzemaker Episode 2
fruitberries Episode 2
OnlyCosmia Episode 2
Ford vs The World
speeeedo Episode 2
AJSteel Episode 2 Podcast
78Ford Episode 2
The Worst Team in the World
BSBrent Episode 2
flameorbhighlighted Bussy
bjr201111 Episode 2
thoughs u/spacepodprime
Spacepod Episode 2
warriorcat Episode 2
Birble Refusing to upload
Nevan screams, please watch
kieranborn Hannah Farts, Neven Smells it
tagggz Episode 2
Neeve Episode 2
LegoBeast :>
LegoBeast Episode Coming Soon
Lake Legobeast is still on my team :( but goes AFK :D
maximum50 Episode 2
LegoBeast :<
YellowVitt Episode 2
Chloesadhighlighted Episode 2
Lefo Episode 2
Thanks to : Pie for coding and hosting lewmcm for the Intro Hannah for the Renders Caffe for the Logo and Lefo for the Lefo
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Online Baccarat Casino Software

Online Baccarat Casino Software
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Casino Season 3 | Episode 4

Hello everyone and welcome to Casino Season 3!
Casino is a recorded round organized by flameorb, tagggz, and Spacepod in which each season's gamemodes are based on a different way to take different risks and gambles!
This Season is going to be Rigged Teams of 3's along with :
Fast Smelting : Furnaces go really fast its awesome
Slots : A custom gamemode where typing /slots will open a GUI in which you can play at different slot machines! These have custom loot tables in which you can get a major jackpot for gambling your diamonds or get an item not worth the cost. (A bit of a gamble one might say.)
Tier 3 Slot Machine cost 1 Diamond, Tier 2 Slot Machine cost 3 Diamonds, Tier 1 Slot Machine cost 5 Diamonds.
As well, killing a player will allow you one free use of a Slot Machine in Episodes 1-2 players drop a Tier 3 Slot Voucher on death in Episodes 3, 4, & 5 players drop a Tier 2 Slot Voucher on death in Episodes 6-7 players drop a Tier 1 Slot Voucher on death
Now let's get into da funny Players
The newcomers this season are : Awticon, Pie, AJSteel, bjr, kieranborn, LegoBeast, Lake, max50, Lefo, and Chloe!
People with highlighted episodes will have highlighted next to their name
Teams Episode Links
The Laughing Bunch
Awticon Episode 4
Pie Episode 4
Jar Epingsode 4
me before kfc
Flouzemaker Episode 4
fruitberries Episode 4
OnlyCosmia Episode 4
Ford vs The World
speeeedo Episode 4
AJSteel Episode 4 Podcast
78Fordhighlighted Episode 4
The Worst Team in the World
BSBrent Episode 4
flameorbhighlighted Killing the Podcaster
bjr201111 Episode 4
thoughs u/spacepodprime
Spacepod I have a surprise
warriorcat Episode 4
Birble Refusing to upload
Nevan screams, please watch
kieranborn Big T Decides He has HAD ENOUGH
tagggz Episode 4
Neeve Episode 4
LegoBeast :>
LegoBeast Episode Coming Soon
Lake Yeah, Legobeast is still alive.
maximum50 Episode 4
LegoBeast :<
YellowVitt Episode 4
Chloesadhighlighted Episode 4
Lefo Episode 4
Thanks to : Pie for coding and hosting lewmcm for the Intro Hannah for the Renders Caffe for the Logo and Lefo for the Lefo
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Hasil Result Togel China >> 7140 << Rabu, 25/11/2020 Hago4D - Situs Togel Online Terpercaya di Indonesia

Hasil Result Togel China >> 7140 << Rabu, 25/11/2020 Hago4D - Situs Togel Online Terpercaya di Indonesia

Hasil Result Togel China >> 7140 << Rabu, 25/11/2020
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Non-Nevada casino minimums (COVID edition)

It was getting really tedious to edit a post with over 100 casinos in it. So I'm breaking it up to Nevada casinos and non-Nevada casinos.
Non/NV Casino Day Min Night Min Weekend Day Weekend Night Dividers Comments
Wind Creek (Wetumpka, AL) 15 25 Unknown Unknown 4 to a table Updated 7/31
Sycuan (San Diego, CA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Masks required
Barona (So Cal) 10 15 10 10-15 2 tables 2 per side, dealers managing bets for players. Updated 8/21 ($10 at times)
Harrahs (So Cal) 15-25 15-25 15-50 15-50 No Updated 7/31
Viejas (So Cal) N/A N/A Unknown Unknown No live tables
Foxwoods (CT) 10 10 Unknown Unknown 4 per side. Updated 8/22
Mohegan (CT) 15-25 25 Unknown Unknown 2 were 10, 2
Harrington (DE) 15 15-25 25 25 Updated 8/22
Rivers (Chicago, IL) 15 15
Blue Chip (Michigan City, IN) 5 10 Unknown Unknown 5 minimum prop bets, 5 min ATS bet.
Caesars Southern IN 10 15 15 25 Updated 8/5
French Lick Resort (French Lick, IN) 15 15 25 25 Tables open at 11am and close at 3AM. Updated 8/5
Harrah's Hooiser Park (Anderson, IN) 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Indiana Grand (IN) 10 15 Unknown Unknown No
Hollywood casino Lawrenceburg (IN) 10-15 10 -15 Unknown Crapless Updated 9/4
Belle (Baton Rogue, LA) 5 10 Unknown Unknown one half sized table sometimes they open the big one. $5 small table and $10 big late at night
Hollywood (Baton Rogue, LA) 5 10 Unknown 15 Updated 7/24
L’auberge (Baton Rogue,LA) 15 15 Unknown Unknown No
L’auberge (Lake Charles,LA) 15 15 Unknown Unknown No 1 bubble craps $5 min
El Dorado (Shreveport, LA) 10 10 10 10 Updated 8/17
Horseshoe (Shreveport, LA) 15 15 15 15 Updated 8/17
Margaritaville (Shreveport, LA) 15 15 15 15 Updated 8/17
Ocean Downs (MD) 10 15 Unknown Unknown
Maryland Live (MD) 25 50 50 100 Yes 5 tables, 4 per side. Electronic craps 15 min Updated 9/6
MGM @ National Harbor 50-100 Unknown Unknown Yes 4 craps tables 2 were $50 and 2 were $100 mins. Not bubble craps or low roller options.
Firekeepers (Battle Creek, MI) 10 15+ Unknown Unknown No dividers, only distancing 1-2 tables depending on demand, did see it at $15 during the day $25 on Fri/Sat night. Masks required, no smoking. $3 Bubble Craps.
Four Winds Casino (New Buffalo, MI) 15 15 Unknown Unknown Digital craps table 5$ min Tuesday and Sunday night. Did not check bubble craps
Gun Lake (Wayland, MI) 10 15 Unknown Unknown No Temp check, masks, usually the crapless table is open
MGM Grand Detroit (Detroit, MI) 15 25 unknown unknown Yes
Turtle Creek (Traverse City, MI) 5 Unknown Unknown Unknowned 2 tables, temp check, masks
Soaring Eagle (Mt Pleasant, MI) 10 15 Unknown Unknown Yes 5 players per side with glass. Tough to hear dealer.
Hollywood Casino, Maryland Heights (St Louis) MO 15 15 Unknown Unknown 1 regular table & 1 no craps. 4 per side. No outside drinks.
River City (St. Louis, MS) 20 20 Unknown Unknown Unknown 4 players per side. $20 min. You have to have at least a $20 bet for every throw to "hold your spot"
Beau Rivage (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 Unknown Unknown unknown 3 tables
Boomtown (Biloxi, MS) 10 10 Unknown Unknown Unknown 1 table
Hard Rock (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 25 25 Updated 9/4
IP (Biloxi, MS) 25 25 Unknown Unknown
Scarlett Pearl (Biloxi, MS) 15 25 Unknown Unknown No Masks required, temp check
The Palace Biloxi, MS) 10 15 Unknown Unknown
Treasure Bay (Biloxi, MS) 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Harrah’s Cherokee & Murphy 15 15 Unknown Unknown No
Harrahs River Valley (Murphy, NC) 25 25 Unknown Unknown
Ballys (AC, NJ) 10 15 10 10-25 Updated 9/13
Caesars (AC, NJ) 15 15 Unknown 15-25 Updated 7/29
Harrahs (AC, NJ) 15 15 Unknown Unknown
Hard Rock (AC, NJ 15 25 Unknown Unknown 2 tables - Updated 7-29
Resorts (AC, NJ) 15 25 Unknown 15 Yes 1 table - Updated 7-29
Ocean (AC, NJ) 10 15 10 15-25 Yes 4 per side
Buffalo Creek (NY) 15 25 Unknown Unknown
Seneca Niagra (NY) 10 15 15 25 No 2 tables Updated 8/24
Jack/Harrah's (Cincinnati, OH) 25 25 25 25 3 tables, $25 open to close
Cocktaw (Durant, OK) 10 10 Updated 8/22
Hollywood (Columbus, OH) 10-15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 2 tables, masks required
Hollywood (Grantville, PA) 15 25 Unknown Unknown Unknown 2 tables, masks required
Harrah's Philly (PA) Unknown Unknown 15 25 Updated 8/10
Meadows (PA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown 2-3 tables.
Mohegan Sun (PA) Unknown Unknown 25-50 Unknown
Seneca Allegheny (PA) 5 5 Unknown Unknown Updateded 9/4
Windcreek (PA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Mount airy (PA) 10 10 Unknown Unknown
Valley Forge (PA) 10 25 Unknown Updated 9/12
Parx (Bensalem, PA) 15 25 15 15 Yes 6 per table. Updated 8/22
Southland Casino Racing (West Memphis, TN) N/A N/A Unknown Unknown Yes 4 tables all closed. Other pit games open with plexiglas dividers. Bubble craps $5 minimum.
Mardi Gras (Nitro, WV) 15 Usually open on weekends - Updated 7/28
Last update 9/13
Part 1. It's getting buried so I figured we would make a new one.
Part 2
Part 3
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